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Created by Richard Thomas

Contribute to help us create and traditionally print Scion 2nd Edition Tabletop RPG's first two books and get them into stores!

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November Scion 2e Update!
about 2 years ago – Sat, Dec 10, 2016 at 02:18:46 AM

Hello Scion 2e Backers!

RichT here:

It's good to get back to talking to everyone! In the month (plus a tad) since our Kickstarter wrapped up, we have gone through the KS pledge processing steps, and I've helped (I hope!) a bunch of backers resolve their pledges and some non-backers follow up on the Kickstarter campaign.

My plan is to put together the Scion 2e Kickstarter BackerKit survey and site in December, and get you all started with that. The great thing about BackerKit is that it is easy to use, and also that it gives backers a chance to upgrade or add to their pledges.

I mean, that's the two great things about BackerKit.

Also, with the BackerKit site, if you have friends who couldn't back the KS, you can let them know that there is a sort of "pre-order" area that allows non-backers to contribute for the Scion 2e books and screen and things.

So, three great things, really.


Neall and his team have been typing like madmen to keep going as they have been, but also to incorporate a bunch of the feedback you all sent us during the KS. Not everything said here corresponds to the direction Neall is working towards, but even so, your input was invaluable!

Here is a link to a preview of the Teōtl of the Mēxihcah (the Aztec Pantheon) that gives you a glimpse at their principle gods and signature Purview:

As always, you can comment here, or please feel free to pop over to our Scion Forum on the Onyx Path website. Neall usually answers questions in the Ask Neall thread:

Thanks again for all of your contributions to both Scion 2e and this Kickstarter!

about 2 years ago – Fri, Nov 04, 2016 at 10:06:46 PM


Hi, Rose here! ^_^ Wow, folks. I'm stunned. This has been an incredible start for Onyx Path's original games, and the beginning of an incredible rebirth for Scion. You've given us the opportunity to kick off Scion the way it deserves. From all of us here at Onyx Path, thank you!

You funded: 

- The creation of a limited edition t-shirt, which backers will receive first notice of, and which will be replaced with a different design after a short while. 

- The creation of pantheon-themed dice, available as an add-on. 

- The Scion Jumpstart, for all backers who pledged for PDFs of Origin and Hero. 

- Introductory fiction for Origin, by acclaimed author Kieron Gillen. 

- Boosted art budget for Origin and Hero 

- The Scion Companion PDF, for all backers who pledged for PDFs of Origin and Hero, including: 

-- The Loa pantheon 

-- The Gallic pantheon 

-- The Yazata pantheon 

-- Translation guidelines for characters from Scion 1e 

-- Mortal cults 

-- Make Your Own Fictional Pantheon guidelines, featuring the Atlanteans 

-- Build Your Own Purviews guidelines, featuring Frost 

-- Expanded Relic rules 

-- Guidelines for playing Scions of your divine parent's different Mantles 

- The Scion Bestiary PDF, for all backers who pledged for physical copies of Origin and Hero, including: 

-- Giants 

-- Therianthropes 

-- Fair folk 

-- Legendary Warriors 

-- Centaurs 

- The Scion: Origin Ready-Made Characters PDF, for all backers who pledged for PDFs of Origin and Hero. 

- The Scion Fiction Anthology PDF/ePub/mobi, with 10 stories, for all backers who pledged for PDFs of Origin and Hero. 

- The Scion Interactive Audio Drama, created by Earplay, for all backers who pledged for PDFs of Origin and Hero. 

- We'll work with Damocles Thread to create official Scion LARP rules. 

- We'll work with a group of professional game developers to create the Blacksheets character app. 

- A Community Content section on, where players can contribute their own pantheons and other content for Scion.



What an incredible start for our new edition of Scion! WOW! I never imagined so many of you would respond like this! 

Thanks to all of you, we have the chance to not only finish up both Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero in style and get them into stores with a nice strong print run, we have a fiction anthology and two more Scion 2e books that we can start the line with and a Jumpstart and Ready-Made Characters so folks can start enjoying playing ASAP after they get their books. And dice! Plus, we can now justify the time and effort of working with our friends at Earplay, at Damocles Thread for the LARP rules, and on the Blacksheets Character App. We knew we wanted to expand just how folks could get into Scion, but it's hard to explore those avenues when you're working hard on the books themselves. Now with your help, we have the Stretch Goals to do just that! 

Once KS starts charging all you wonderful folks it'll take about two weeks before they get everybody cleared, and after that I'll work on pulling together the BackerKit site and the survey we'll send so you can list your Add-ons. We'll keep in touch as often as we can as we're all working on all these projects (but the 2 books first and foremost!), and I try for an official Update once a month via Kickstarter. You can also follow the progress of these projects on my Monday Meeting Notes blog every week, and even sign up for our Onyx Path Mailing List on our site for announcements and the Monday Notes emailed right to you each week. All at

Once again, this is a proud day for all of us here at the Path, and you should all be proud, too, for all this Kickstarter accomplished! Thank you all! 



The response from every backer has just been amazing. I'm humbled by the amount of enthusiasm and the response to the stretch goals. My team and I will work diligently to get the cores, the Companion and the Bestiary out so you can start rolling some dice and your characters can start kicking some Titan ass. Thank you!

about 2 years ago – Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 01:42:20 AM

Hi, Rose here. ^_^

Having achieved the $265,000 stretch goal, we're now offering dice!

These custom dice come in sets of 10. Each will have a different pantheon symbol in place of the 10, inked in a color appropriate for the pantheon. They can be added on to any pledge that includes physical books for $28 per set.

This should be the coolest dice set we've ever done!

Stretch goal update: Get ready for Satyrs!
about 2 years ago – Sat, Oct 22, 2016 at 07:40:54 PM

Hi, folks, Rose here. ^_^ Check these out...


Having passed $320,000, we'll add a section to the Scion Bestiary covering Legendary Warriors, such as amazons, berserkers, and maharathis. Will your Scion join their ranks, or will they face these powerful legacies in combat? Backers who pledge for reward tiers including physical copies of Scion: Origin or Scion: Hero will receive this as a PDF.

Up Next

At $330,000, we'll include centaurs in the Scion Bestiary, including classic Greek, modern American bikers, and variations like the nucklavee.

At $340,000, we will add Satyrs, including deer women and hulder, to the Scion Bestiary. This is a player-focused splat, especially for playing in solo or side stories with your Scions.

...just over two hours left! Can we do it?

30 minute reminder: Check your pledges!
about 2 years ago – Sat, Oct 22, 2016 at 12:44:59 PM

Hi, Rose here. ^_^ Please take a moment between now and the end of this Kickstarter in about 30 minutes to review your pledge. I know it sounds unnecessary because you're on top of it and/or it's annoying to get multiple warning messages, but both of the issues below have happened to backers during one of our other KSs.  

1) Did you pledge to the Reward Tier that offers you the rewards you want? Go through the description and make sure the rewards are mentioned there. They are not cumulative with the Reward Tiers before them.  

2) Did you make sure that your payment method is valid? Is your credit card maxed out? Kickstarter will mark your pledge non-collectible and you won't get your Rewards. Did you borrow the card and they decided to block the charge because you had a fight? There's a window to resolve payment issues with KS, but there's no guarantee that the resolution will be what you want. Better to make sure your payment method will work now.  

That covers the typical trouble spots, and we'll be answering your questions in the comments, or more directly via that "contact me" link next to Rich's picture, for the rest of the KS.